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How to Use Nigerian Green drinks to Lose Weight Fast

Green drinks and weight loss for Nigerians? YES. Green drinks are not a common type of drink Nigerians take because many of us were did not grow up taking them but they are a part of a fat loss program in Nigerian looking towards losing belly fat or losing weight should take.

So what are green drinks? Green drinks are drinks that contain at least one green vegetable in addition to the fruit or yogurt or milk. If you have a goal to lose weight, beginning to drink green smoothies regularly will help you cut down on daily calories, improve your health and work toward slimming down in a safe and sustainable way.

The green vegetable may also be leafy vegetable where you blend, sieve and drink raw. You also may use a Juicer to make such drinks so you can squeeze out all the juice from it. One of the reasons people are fat is because their system has turned acidic and so instead of the body performing its normal function of natural elimination of foods eaten, it holds on to the food substances to protect your body.

Drinking lots of green drinks is one surefire way to gradually turn your body into an alkaline fat-burning machine and that’s why Dr. Ela has a separate Cookbook dedicated to Green Drinks, Shakes and Smoothies Recipes for Nigerians in her 101 Flat Belly and Fat Loss Nigerian 12-set Cookbooks here.

Now, she said she’s giving this amazing Green Drinks and Shakes Cookbook as a BONUS to you when you order your copy of the 101 Flat Belly and Fat Loss Nigerian Cookbooks.  In the Green Dinks cookbook you will discover over 15 different ways you can prepare and enjoy the tasty, fat-burning drinks right from home.

Here are 4 Powerful Benefits of Green Drinks and Fat Loss

Benefit #1: Easy Way to Add Vegetable to your Diet 
We have all heard that eating lots of vegetables especially at night helps weight loss especially belly fat loss, but its often not easy having to chow down salads every night, but having it as a drink already takes care of your daily requirement of vitamins, minerals which help fat loss.

Benefit #2: It is Fiber-rich
Green drinks are loaded with fiber and having loads of fiber in your everyday diet aids weight loss and weight maintenance because fiber enhances feelings of fullness and make such feelings last longer than eating other foods. And because of this at the end of the day, it will curb your total calorie consumption and help you build up a larger calorie deficit.

For every 3,500 calories you manage to save, you'll lose 1 lb. So drinking Green drinks helps you cut calories and be a meal replacement.

Benefit #3: Amazing Health Benefits
You will think the fact that Green Drinks helps weight loss and weight maintenance is wow…but green drinks also has amazing health benefits such as it can help you decrease your risk of cancer, bone loss, diabetes, stroke, heart attack and kidney stones. Green Smoothies made with natural ingredients will also provide you with essential nutrients that you might miss out on at normal meals.

Benefit #4: Increased Energy
Green drinks help with instantly alkalizing your body. They neutralize the excess acids that are in your system. Many people report feeling instant increases in energy and a reduction in cravings for sugar and caffeine. If you are the type of person who cannot get moving without your morning cup of coffee, give green drinks a try for a week and feel the difference. Green drinks also help the immune system and can reduce the amounts of yeasts and toxins in the body.

FREE Green Drink Recipe straight from Dr. Ela’s BONUS Green Drinks Cookbook
Anti-ulcer Cabbage Cocktail

Scientific research has proven that cabbage juice is an effective treatment for stomach ulcers.

·         ¼ small head cabbage (green or white)
·         2 carrots, scrubbed, peeled with tops and ends removed
·         2 leeks with ends trimmed.

Cut produce to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Juice ingredients and stir. Pour in a glass and drink immediately. Enjoy…Serves 1.
If you would like more Green Juice recipes made with ingredients commonly found in Nigeria, then I can only recommend Dr. Ela’s 101 Flat Belly and Fat Loss Cooking recipes here.

The truth is, if you can take these “veggie” Juices only twice a day, it will help you keep the fat off your body for good. Infact research confirms that drinking two glasses of veggie juice daily increased weight loss FOUR times over those who drank no juice. Very important for Belly Fat LOSS too.


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